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September 16, 2021 Bargaining Update

This week both teams were focused on discussing and building their economic packages.

We did meet each day to exchange a handful of counter proposals related to previous negotiations and to share data related to Article 16 – Attendance & Punctuality. The Employer continues to assert that call-ins happen most frequently on weekend shifts. However, based on the data they provided, our statistician determined that this is inaccurate.

We also discussed our proposal regarding Unit Work in Article 19. PECSH-MNA members have repeatedly been asked to “do more” due to the Employer’s inability to retain our friends and colleagues in ancillary departments. We recognize the importance of our colleagues in Transport, EVS, HUC, Phlebotomy (and more!) and the value they bring to our patient care team.

Nurses and Healthcare Professionals already have immense responsibility and adding to our tasks takes away work from our colleagues in other unions and vital time and care from our patients.

The teams are anticipated to exchange their economic proposals in the next few meetings.

We have not yet heard back from the Employer regarding the Healthcare Professional Bonus Program MOU we presented to them last week.

The selection process is underway for the Nursing Bonus Program and a representative from PECSH-MNA is ensuring appropriate placement.

Our last virtual BAT meeting is TONIGHT at 1730 and 1945!

Next Thursday, 9/23 we are back at Corey’s Lounge on South Cedar! Come grab dinner or a drink and hear how things went! We’re kid-friendly and love seeing new faces!

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