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Have a question? Want to get more information? Send an email to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or, you can feel free to reach out to directly to any of your elected PECSH leadership.

Executive Committee Officers
President: (On LOA)

Katie Pontifex, BS, BSN, RN, CMSRN
Grievance Chair:

Jessica Lannon, BA, RN, C-EFM
Vice President:

Kevin Glaza, BA, BS, RPh

Marianne George, MSN, RN-BC

Tammy Parsons, BS, RN
Health Professional Representative:

Jackie Walker, BS MT (ASCP)
Negotiating Team Representative:

Dexter Baker, BSN, RN

Nominations Committee

Genevieve Bancroft, RN

L.J. Knight, RN

Jeff Breslin, RN

Bylaws Committee

Tammy Parsons, BS, RN
Kevin Glaza, BA, BS, RPh

Peter Thelen, RN
Katie Pontifex, BS, BSN, RN, CMSRN - Ex-Officio

Negotiating Team

Genevieve Bancroft  - Group 1

Teresa Kress - Group 2

Jenny Ackley - Group 3

Katie Pontifex - Group 4

Anthony Huynh - Group 5

Tammy Parsons - Group 6

Dexter Baker - Group 7

Karen Hunsaker - Group 8

Julie Mason - Group 9
Kevin Glaza - Group 10
Lori Certo - Group 11

Katie Pontifex - President - ex-officio member
Jessica Lannon - Grievance Chair - ex-officio member

Branden Gemzer, Labor Representative, MNA

Andrew Smith, General Counsel, MNA

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Representative At-Large:

Makailey DeAlmeida

Steve Robbins

Grievance Representatives

Genevieve Bancroft (MBC) - Group 1
Amy Harvey (PICU) - Group 2
Shelly Barton (RNICU) - Group 2
Pete Thelen (CVNI) - Group 3
Jen Ackley (ED) - Group 3

Sasha Anderson (ED) - Group 3

Christine Miller (ED) - Group 3
Katie Pontifex (INT Float) - Group 4

Jeff Breslin (Supp Pool) - Group 4
Anthony Huyhn (5W) - Group 5
Tammy Parsons (NSDU) - Group 6

Elizabeth Thelen (NTICU) - Group 6

Marla McClung (MFB) - Group 6
​Dexter Baker - Group 7
Marianne George (Nursing Ed) - Group 8
Karen Hunsaker (CM) - Group 8
Stacey Bushey (Lab) - Group 9
Jackie Walker (Lab) - Group 9

Jessie Vanderlaan (Lab) - Group 9

Katie Stouten (Lab) - Group 9
Kevin Glaza (pharm) -  Group 10
Susan Butler (Therapy) -  Group 10

Melissa Glaza (pharm) - Group 10
Heather Ferguson (Hospice House) - Group 11

Ashley Stasiuk (Hospice House) - Group 11

Roger Caldwell (APU) - Group 11

Lindsey Davis (GPU) - Group 11

Delegates to the 2022 MNA Convention - October 7 & 8, Grand Traverse Resort


Katie Pontifex - MNA Board Member
Jeff Breslin - MNA Board Member

Tammy Parsons - MNA Board Member
Jessica Lannon - MNA Board Member
Alicia Flores, RN

Kevin Glaza, HCP

Destinee Griffin, RN

Dexter Baker, RN

Anthony Huynh, RN

Jackie Walker, HCP

Melissa Glaza, HCP

Kent Clark, HCP

Janet Medina, RN

Genevieve Bancroft, RN

Jennifer Ackley, RN

Karen Hunsaker, RN

Erin Gilbert-Eyres, RN

Stacey Bushey, HCP

Filomena Castriciano, HCP

Peter Thelen, RN

Kelly Brunk, RN

Makailey DeAlmeida, RN

Roger Caldwell, RN

Lindsey Davis, HCP


Amy Delaney, RN

Brandi Daggett, RN

Christine Miller, RN

Bethany Shaffer, RN

Elizabeth Thelen, RN

Marianne George, RN

Alexa Hagen, RN

Kellye Youngs, RN

Emmalee Stonehouse, RN

Vivian Hawn, RN

Megan Guarnaccia, RN

Steve Robbins, RN

Khanh Nguyen, RN

Robert Mavrogordato, RN

Susan Butler, HCP

Alyson Wolvin, RN

Katie Stouten, HCP

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