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Find your Representative/Group

The units at our hospital are divided into 11 groups, each of which has their own member-representatives in our leadership and for addressing grievances and workplace issues. Please consult the list below to find your representative/group.

Group 1

OB Services
Labor & Delivery
Mother Baby Center
OB/GYN Residency Clinic
Lactation Consultants
Perinatal Services

Women’s Supplemental Pool

Group 4

Reps: Jeff Breslin, Supp Float

CV Intensive Care Unit
Medical Intensive Care Unit
Medical Intermediate/Stepdown Care Unit
Supplemental Pool/ Med-Surgical and Critical Care 
4 Foster Cardiac Progressive
4 South Advanced Medical Stepdown
Critical Care, Intermediate, Med Surg Float Teams

Group 7

Reps: Dexter Baker, OR

OR Services
Endoscopy Units
Pain Clinic
​Pre-Admission Testing

Group 10

Reps: Kevin, Glaza; Pharmacy; Susan Butler, PT; Melissa Glaza, Pharmacy

Physical Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Cardiac Rehabilitation/Exercise Specialists
Speech Therapists
Activity Therapists
Pharmacist - Staff and Clinical
Athletic Trainers
Therapeutic Recreation
Child Life Therapists


Group 2

Reps: Amy Harvey, PICU;

Shelly Barton, RNICU; Amy Delaney
Peds Intensive Care
Pediatric Clinics
Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Peds Supplemental Pool


Group 5


7 South
7 Neumann
5 West
6 West
7 West

8 South

Group 8

Reps: Marianne George, RN Ed; Karen Hunsaker, PSS

Patient Support Services        Patient Placement
Nursing Education                  Clinical Nurse Spec

Clinical Documentation
Diabetes Program

Dialysis Unit
Clinical Projects

Associate/Occ Health
Family Practice Nurses
Clinical Trials
Health and Wellness Center
Cardiology Research/Abstractors
CAT Scan Nurses

IP Wound Team
Performance Improvement

Group 11

Reps: Roger Caldwell, APU; Lindsey Davis, GPU

Behavioral Health Services
Hospice Services
Senior Health Center
Palliative Care
​Wound Clinic


Group 3

Reps: Pete Thelen, Non-Invasive Cardiology; Jenny Ackley, ED; Sasha Anderson, ED; Christine Miller, ED

ER Services
Trauma Center
Cath Lab
Heart & Vascular Holding
ER Supplemental Pool

Group 6

Reps: Tammy Parsons, NSDU; Elizabeth Thelen, NTICU; Marla McClung, MFB

Neuro Sciences
Neuro ICU
7 Foster Medical Intermediate
6 Foster Rehab
Infusion Center
Cancer Center/Infusion Center
Radiation Oncology

Group 9

Reps: Stacey Bushey, Lab; Jackie Walker, Lab; Katie Stouten, Lab; Jessie Vanderlaan, Lab

Medical Technologists
Clinical Laboratory Scientists
Charge Medical Technologists
Nuclear Med Technologists
Pulmonary Function Technologists
Clinical Dieticians
Dietetic Technicians
Blood Products




At-Large Reps

Gen Bancroft CDI
Tracie Cullinan, MBC
Tayler Brown, 7W
Kelly Brunk, ED
Jessica Lannon
Kim Zipple, PT 
Jodi Davis, PSS 
Amy Delaney, PICU 
Rueben Kinder, OR 


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