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October 29, 2021 Bargaining Update

This week we met with management four times in the hopes of reaching an agreement prior to the expiration of our contract. While at times the tone of discussions was improved, the content of management’s proposals at the bargaining table did not. In the first set of proposals since we announced our picket, Sparrow executives proposed only 0.25% increase in wages from their prior proposal. If you don’t think this is acceptable, RSVP for the info picket or commit to wear red by clicking here! The combined total of all three years of general wage raises currently offered by management remains well below the 2021 cost of living increase alone. Management also continues to fail to offer any retention bonuses despite the fact that the Michigan healthcare systems of McLaren, Mid-Michigan, and Beaumont have all offered retention bonuses to their staff in recent weeks and months. If you’re tired of being unappreciated and undervalued by management, RSVP for the info picket or commit to wear red by clicking here. Management, despite the ongoing pandemic, also maintained their proposed increase to our health insurance premium costs in the next contract and rejected explicit guarantees of an N95 respirator for nurses and healthcare professionals who care for a COVID-19 patient. Management also continues to insist on proposals to discipline more employees under their attendance policy – implying that the failure of the Hospital to be safely staffed is the fault of the very nurses and healthcare professionals who have relentlessly provided care to the community during this pandemic.

In the next weeks, as your manager rounds on your department with donuts and a sudden and conveniently new-found interest in your well-being, remind them that what we want is a fair contract and a safe workplace - not baked goods. Now is the time to show management that we are completely committed to winning a fair contract for our patients and community. RSVP for the info picket now!

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