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Est. 1988

The employees of Sparrow Hospital organized its local bargaining unit (LBU), Professional Employees Council at Sparrow Hospital (PECSH) through the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA), in 1987 with a certification election by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The PECSH-MNA membership ratified its first collective bargaining agreement October 31, 1988. The first years were growing years for the PECSH-MNA LBU. One person often filled multiple roles.

Built on strong

member leadership

The following people have served or are currently serving on the executive council:


  • Office of President: Deloris Pyleman, Deb Stevens, Terri Peaphon, Cathy Dunn and Kimberly Ford, Jeff Breslin; Tina Ray, Katie Pontifex, Jeff Breslin

  • Office of Vice President: Kathy Boyton, Linda Makela, Jesusa Vasquez, Margaret Flynn and Kim Ford, Diane Goddeeris, Lori Sterle, Jeff Breslin, Marianne George, Carol Kirtland, Mike Severino, Terry Ballinger, Katie Pontifex, Kevin Glaza, RPh, Jeff Breslin

  • Grievance Chairperson: Bob Ehnis, Terri Peaphon, Douglas Church, Jesusa Vasquez, Gail Jehl, Carol Kirtland, Jessica Lannon

  • Secretary: Suzanne Allen, Rita Michaels, Jesusa Vasquez, Tania Atwood, Carol Kirtland, Mike Severino, Diane Goddeeris, Jessica Lannon, Katie Pontifex, Marianne George

  • Treasurer: Bob Ehnis, Jeffrey Holiday, and Judy McLane, Joy Barret, Tammy Parsons

  • Health Professional Representative: Sally Chirio, Gordon Taylor, Jackie Walker, Scott Wolschleger, Katie Prochaska, Mark Cummings, Jackie Walker

Under this leadership a strong base of support was established!


Building a strong labor/management partnership became a priority in 1995. Executive council members from PECSH-MNA, negotiating committee members, Michigan Nurses Association (MNA) representatives, Sparrow Human Resources, and the management team representatives attended several forms of training to begin developing a cooperative relationship that would prove mutually beneficial. The training included site visits to the Saturn Corporation, Work in America Institute, work with Michigan State University, and the National Center for Dispute Settlement (NCDS). The result of all this training was the development of skills for negotiating by mutual gains in which both parties would benefit from the decisions.

1997 - 1998

In 1997 and 1998 St. Lawrence Hospital merged with Sparrow Health System. All professional employees at St. Lawrence were incorporated into the PECSH-MNA LBU. A short-term contract was negotiated that addressed many of the transition issues of the merger along with wages, seniority and work reassignments. Lori Certo was appointed to serve as the St. Lawrence representative to our executive team during this period. The contract negotiation was successfully accomplished without any nurses or professional staff being laid off.


By 2003, PECSH-MNA leadership was comprised of seasoned representatives and newly involved activists. They continued to promote and advocate for nursing and all other represented professionals. Several PECSH-MNA members received achievement awards including Bob Ehnis, Terri Peaphon, Jesusa Vasquez, Gail Jehl, Diane Goddeeris and Kimberly Ford. The leadership team also participated in MNA governance at the state level.


Kimberly Ford served on the Economic and General Welfare (E&GW) Cabinet; Diane Goddeeris served on Chapter VI representative to the MNA Board of Directors and as MNA President; Gail Jehl, served as E&GW representative to the MNA Board of Directors and on the Congress for Nursing Practice. Along with current PECSH-MNA leadership, past leaders built on their experience in PECSH-MNA, including Terri Peaphon who joined the MNA staff as a Labor Organizer in 1999. Overall, the PECSH-MNA leadership team became a powerful voice for its members.

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