We Support DPS

Dear DPS Members,

We are writing to you in support of your campaign to organize with SPFPA. These past few years, through covid, active shooters, and all the other struggles we have faced together have taught us how important our DPS is and how undervalued you have been. We believe every worker deserves to have a voice in their terms of conditions and employment, especially those who put their safety on the line for the good of their coworkers and the patients of the health system.


We share in your struggle even if the executives are blind and deaf to your needs.  


We would also like to address a recent anti-union letter that went out to you all. It cited two areas in which non-union folks received a marginally better benefit option than non-union. What it failed to disclose is the massive number of benefits that are superior to those available.  


  • The MNA health insurance plan is the richest plan in the entire Sparrow System with no in network deductible. MNA receives requests for copies from unions around the country.

  • We prevented the employer from massively restructuring our attendance policy into a wholly punitive system.

  • We won over 10% in pay increases in the first year of the contract.

  • We won even stronger safety language for our nurses and healthcare professionals, including strong protections for COVID.

  • And so many other great wins.


Being unionized is not a magic bullet. You still have to work and enforce the contract, but the cold hard facts are that union members in healthcare and public safety make more, have better benefits, and a greater voice in their work environment than their non-union counterparts.  We look forward to welcoming you into the union family and fully encourage you all to vote "UNION YES"!



PECSH Executive Board 

Kevin Glaza

Tammy Parsons

Jessica Lannon

Marianne George

Jackie Walker

Dexter Baker

PECSH 2021.png

Who we are

The Professional Employees Council of Sparrow Hospital (PECSH), a local bargaining unit (LBU) of the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA), was organized in 1988 to give nurses and healthcare professionals at Sparrow Hospital a voice in our practice to ensure patient safety and improve the quality of our professional careers.


PECSH-MNA represents 53 classifications of nurses and healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, therapists, social workers, lab scientists, technologists, and more.