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September 9, 2021 Bargaining Update

HCP Bonus Proposal Sent to Administration

PECSH-MNA submitted an HCP proposal to Administration for consideration. Our Healthcare Professionals are experiencing the same staffing issues in their departments and should have the opportunity to participate in a bonus program as well. We proposed a 4wk program of 8hrs extra taken in 2, 4 or 8hr increments for FT & PT Professionals and 16hr/wk for Per Diem Professionals with a payout of $5000 lump sum or $2000 + 60hrs of PTO (both minus applicable taxes & deductions) for our CLSs/CLTs, Dieticians/Techs, Pharmacists, Therapists, CMs (RN & MSW) and Nuclear Med techs. Administration has acknowledged receipt of our proposal. Your team has been and continues to advocate for ALL our bargaining unit members!

Bargaining Update

This week your team met for two full days of bargaining. The parties met and exchanged counter proposals on several Articles including:

Article 10

PECSH-MNA rejected the Employer’s proposal of tripling per diem requirements and limiting the cap for variable shift positions to Clinical RNs only. Employer countered with 24 required shifts/yr with 6 every calendar quarter, three of which are weekends.

Article 11

Rejected Employer’s proposal to extend timeframe to transfers between departments and based on discipline. The Employer then countered with modified, reduced timeline.

Article 12

Employer agreed to our proposal of retirees maintaining their seniority if returning within 24mo and agreed to our language of ADMs returning within 24mo but countered with a cap of ADM -> RN maintaining up to 5yrs seniority.

Article 15

Maintained our proposal of automatically removing discipline from file once cleared. PECSH-MNA was also successful in gaining access, when applicable, to the elusive “accountability logs” that managers keep on members.

Article 16

The Employer modified their proposal allowing for the making up of an ill-call on a weekend shift from the following weekend to the end of the next schedule period. They maintain their position of doubling the occurrences if not made up as well as maintained most of their initial proposal with small moves throughout. It remains highly complicated and punitive.

Articles 20 & 21

Both parties brought forward counter proposals on Leave articles. The Employer maintains their position of closely defining the application process. PECSH-MNA was successful in getting them to remove their punitive language.

Article 25

The Employer maintained their proposal of allowing for the discipline of members should they not follow the appropriate process of submitting return to duty paperwork and examinations.

Article 37

Vacation-Salaried Employees – the Employer agreed to our proposed language of providing a reason for a denial of time off but maintained their position in allowing the manager or designee to address request. PECSH-MNA believes that managers over the departments who more closely know their staff and how the department functions should be the ones addressing time-off requests.

Tentative Agreements Reached

Article 4 – Union Representation

Article 9 – Hiring Practices

Tentative Agreements to Date

Article 5

Article 22

Article 36

Several MOUs

Negotiating Team shows it’s support and solidarity for team member Genevieve Bancroft and member Sarah Barker in their fights against breast cancer.

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