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We have been bargaining 12+ hours each day this week. On December 2nd, thanks to our overwhelming strike authorization vote and the inspiring solidarity we have shown as PECSH-MNA members, we were able to reach a tentative agreement with the employer.

While we work to schedule the ratification vote in the days to come, we wanted to go ahead and share highlights of the agreement:

  • Significant raises through general wage increases, step increases, and new differentials like a bedside differential that together will lead an average bedside nurse to receive about a 20% increase over the life of the contract

  • Maintaining our healthcare language for the next three years

  • A return to our safe staffing process

  • No change to the number of sick days we can take under our attendance policy

  • Guaranteed access to PPE

We have come so far together as a union from when negotiations first started and
management was proposing 1% raises and major hikes to our insurance premiums. We will be holding informational meetings on December 7 and 8 where you can learn more about the agreement, ask questions, and share your opinions.

RSVP to attend a TA Informational Meeting by clicking here!

This tentative agreement literally could not have been possible without the amazing solidarity you all have shown. We believe that not only will this contract make a difference for caregivers and our patients – but that it could positively impact our community as a whole and other hospitals in our area for years to come.

As your elected negotiating team, we are unanimous in recommending a yes vote on this agreement.

More to come soon! For now, we hope that you all feel proud of what we have accomplished together as a union.

Meet Your Bargaining Team!

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Gen Bancroft.jpg

Genevieve Bancroft - Group 1

My name is Gen Bancroft. I graduated from LCC in 2005 and immediately started working at Sparrow, leaving me celebrating my 16yr anniversary this year. I started as a nurse resident, then spent 3 years on 7 Foster. After getting a solid understanding of adult acute care, I decided to change it up a bit and took a position on OB Special Care, where I work nights.


I’ve been an engaged PECSH-MNA member for several years, serving as an elected and at-large grievance rep, an elected Delegate to the Michigan Nurses Association and during our 2017 negotiations, I was an active BAT (Bargaining Action/Advisory Team). I enjoy spending my time with my husband and 4yr old son, our dog and cat and exploring all that Lansing has to offer.

Jen Ackley.jpg

Jennifer Ackley - Group 3

I’m Jennifer Ackley, but everyone calls me Jen. I’ve been an RN at Sparrow for 14 years, working the last 11 of those years in our Emergency Department. I started my career in Medical Oncology prior to making the change to ED. I’ve been an engaged member of PECSH-MNA for my entire employment. I’m honored to be a voice for my colleagues.


I’m a high-school-sweetheart-married mom of three. My son Ben is a senior at CMU and my daughter Brenna will be starting her freshman year at CMU this fall. Our youngest, Jake, will be starting his 7th grade year. In our downtime we enjoy camping and going to the beach for quality family time. I look forward to representing and serving the members of Group 3 at the negotiating table this year. 

Katie Pontifex.jpg

Katie Pontifex - Group 4/President

I’m Katie Pontifex and I’ve been proudly serving you as the elected negotiating rep for Group 4 for the past 5 years. I’ve been at Sparrow for 10 years, working the entire time on the Float Team. Prior to moving to Michigan, I worked as a Med-Surg/Orthopedic RN in Champaign, Illinois.


I also serve you all as the PECSH-MNA President, your Communication Chair, elected Grievance Representative, Board Member of & Delegate to the Michigan Nurses Association as well as on various councils and committees at both the local, state and national levels. This will be my 4th time negotiating on your behalf, my 2nd full contract negotiation. On the rare occasion I find free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Matt, our two girls, our two dogs and our family, friends and neighbors.

Anthony Huynh.jpg

Anthony Huynh - Group 5

Hi! My name is Anthony Huynh. I graduated from LCC in 2019 and am currently working on my BSN at Michigan State University! Other endeavors I’m working on currently include studying for my OCN and CMSRN certifications. I have been working for Sparrow on 5 West - Medical Oncology as a day shift RN for 2 years this September.

In my free time, you can find me dancing and singing show tunes for fun. If not that, then I’m traveling to random places and eating my weight in whatever food I can get my hands on. I’m excited to be representing our nurses and healthcare professionals in Group 5 this year at negotiations!

Tammy Parsons.jpg

Tammy Parsons - Co-Chair

Hi, I’m Tammy Parsons and I am currently and have been serving as your PECSH-MNA Treasurer, Bylaws & Finance Committees, Staffing Co-Chair, Negotiating Team member since 2007 (Group 6) and Grievance Rep since 2005 (Group 6). This year, I am serving you as your negotiating team co-chair, alongside our Grievance Chair, Jessica Lannon.

I have a BS in Natural Science-Zoology from MSU (1982) and have been a Registered Nurse since 1995.  I started and have continued my career here at Sparrow, working 21 of my 24 years on the Neuro Stepdown Unit.  I also serve as your Secretary on the Michigan Nurses Association Board of Directors, as well as a member of the Bylaws Committee and elected Delegate.  Outside of work, I enjoy coaching Special Olympics (basketball, poly-hockey, cross country skiing and gymnastics), love to scrapbook and do genealogical research.

Dexter Baker.jpg

Dexter Baker - Group 7

Hi, I’m Dexter, the negotiating rep for Group 7. I’ve been at Sparrow for 16 years and an RN for the last 9 of those years. I obtained my ADN from Kellogg Community College and my BSN from Purdue University. Prior to becoming an RN, I worked as a Transport Technician for Invasive Cardiology and then an EKG Technician. I have worked primarily in the cardiac service line, starting on 4F, then moving to CVSU prior to moving to OR.

I’ve negotiated on behalf of changes within my departments several times before but this will be my first full contract. In my off time, I enjoy playing beach volleyball (10x champs, woot!) and spending time with my wife and two kids, Ariana & Taten.

Karen Hunsaker.jpg

Karen Hunsaker - Group 8

I’m Karen Hunsaker, RN Case Manager and I represent Group 8! I came to Sparrow in 1985 – before we formed PECSH – and can remember clearly the reasons why we chose to fight to create PECSH. I am interested in keeping our rights to be able to provide the safe quality of care we all want to provide!

Julie Mason.jpg

Julie Mason - Group 9

I’m Julie Mason! I graduated from MSU, interned at DMC, and now work in the Microbiology department at Sparrow as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. I have worked in the laboratory setting going on 21 years now, most of these years with Sparrow. I attended BAT meetings during our last contract and participated in the very successful informational picket.


I am now the elected rep for Group 9 which includes MANY of our Healthcare Professionals. Outside of work I spend a lot of time with my husband and our two boys, ages 23 and 8. I also spend time helping family and friends who are going through some of life's many challenges. 

Kevin Glaza.jpg

Kevin Glaza - Group 10

Hi, I’m Kevin, the negotiating representative for Group 10. I’ve been a pharmacist at Sparrow for the past 23 years. I have worked as pharmacist in many different areas including pediatrics, surgery, and critical care. For the past 10 years I have primarily been a pharmacist for the Cancer Center. This will be my first contract negotiation. While not at work I enjoy fitness, traveling and reading.

Lori Certo.jpg

Lori Certo - Group 11

I’m Lori Certo and I’ve been a Behavioral nurse since 2008.  I originally worked with St. Lawrence Hospital starting in 1980. Upon the merger of 1997, I continued to work with Sparrow. I participated in the 1998 and 2017 contract negotiations.


I have worked in various departments and units since they merger, including oncology and Short Stay at STL. I later moved to NCU before starting in Behavioral Health. I’ve been at Sparrow a long time and have seen just about everything. I am looking forward to representing Group 11 at the negotiation table.

Jessica Lannon.jpg

Jessica Lannon - Grievance Chair

I’m Jessica Lannon and I’m your Grievance Chair. Because my role responsibilities include administering, interpreting and implementing the contract, I serve as your Co-Chair for the Negotiating Team. I’ve been at Sparrow for 9 years and started my Sparrow career on 7N before moving to my passion, Labor & Delivery.


I’ve been serving as your Grievance Chair since 2018 and it’s been an honor to do so. I will continue to fight on your behalf as I do every day alongside my fellow officers. In what free time I manage to find, I enjoy spending time with my family, including my 3 adult daughters. 

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